Poem on Seamus Heaney

I love to read Seamus Heaney. The way he makes you work to understand his poems. I always have a dictionary at hand when I read him. But after a while the difficulties become the pleasures. I love his complete lack of sentimentality and the concrete nature of the language. There is a perfection to his poems which makes me  want to return to them again and again.

Here’s a poem I wrote about him a couple of months ago. RIP

On Seamus Heaney

By David Jordan



A life in the loam.

The cool dark earth of memory

From which your poetry springs

Like a satyr.


Vivid nouns and strenuous verbs

Local and concrete.

Catching the moment in one singing leap

Or ruminating like an idle shepherd,

A white garland on your head.


Hard work for you and me

But when a poem opens up

And blooms its secrets

Something happens that keeps us

Digging in the dark.



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